Revisiting London…

Brenda’s closet. Day 114.

The few brisk, rainy days this past week made me remember our trip to London.  The weather was like that most days, just a couple of days with some sun.  So now a gray day comes with happy recollections of our time away–so funny how our perception can be changed.  I think that now I’ll always be glad for the gray days too.

People ask us what we liked best about our trip and I worry that my answer is lame.  What we liked best was just being there.  It was so amazing to be in a place that you’ve seen in movies, books, etc, — to actually be there–to have time together to experience this leisurely, at our own pace.  We are not skilled travelers, but we did just fine–loved every minute!

We got to spend nine days together doing whatever we wanted–no work (never happened before)!  We walked everywhere, everyday –an occasional cab or bus, but no pressure to do it all or see it all.  History is everywhere!  We forget what a young country America is.  We went into every beautiful building that was open..every church and museum.  We sipped our coffee every morning walking by the Thames!  We watched the changing of the guard, mingled with the crowds at Trafalgar Square on a sunny morning, toured Westminster Abbey for a day.  We had high tea at the Savoy, twice to Harrod’s, rode the double decker bus for a day to see all of London, Covent Garden to buy goodies for the girls, dinner every night with my sister and her husband!  Even watching the news was fun-they talk a lot about gardens, and the news seems  less sensational and more intimate.

It was wonderful!  We hope we can do it again someday, but now we are reminded of the value of time away–off the clock–just being us.  Doing nothing but being.  Gray days are more sweet.

Life is good.  Make time. Love, Brenda