Running out of Christmas gift ideas?

Feeling anxious, maybe even a little crabby?  It happens….take a breath, have a cup of coffee and stop for a minute.  Think about the gifts you have been given.  For most people, it’s the thought that counts–that you took the time to think about them—it’s not about the amount spent.

Some of the most wonderful gifts I’ve received are things that my mom and dad owned—and then gave to me as gifts. The most touching ones are things I had given them–an inscribed book that over the years, they had added notes to—or the ornaments I made for them in the early years when the kids were little and money was tight.  When these were returned to me as gifts years later, it was a confirmation of their appreciation for the gift…the fact that they they loved us so much…that the gift had real value.

Another special present is to give something that you cherish to someone you love.  Such a clear message…remember the “Gift of the Magi”?

A gift that you make, no matter how simple (or if you are one of those blessed with talent) or elaborate is a wonderful thing!  There is a memory that remains with the gift forever–it becomes a treasure and can touch your heart whenever you see it.  If it’s edible–it is a sweet moment!! Yum!

Maybe the best gift, is to give of yourself.  This season isn’t really about the presents.  It’s about hope and love and family and friends.  Savor it—embrace it!  Take care.  Go for a light ride! xo, Brenda and Maggie