Selling my Chanel pieces!

Brenda’s closet. Day 99.  Yes, I’m practicing what I preach.  Doing a major clean-out in my closet, and selling my Chanel pieces here!

The problem with owning these stores is how much beautiful stuff I see daily—and how tempting it is to buy! Chanel is so top -of -the- line that when it comes in, I am instantly in awe–wishing and hoping it’s my size (we all do this a lot)–and if it is–then I have to try it on–then try to talk myself out of buying it.

Why do I need it?  Because it’s CHANEL!  Gorgeous beyond words–even vintage Chanel is a lovely investment.  It will always be Chanel,  just like a diamond is always a diamond,  like Vuitton is always Vuitton!  It’s hard to love beautiful things and not want to own them, so I do buy now and then, and wear them on occasion.

Now, after trying them on again, I am parting with my black and white tweed Chanel jacket, my pale blue Chanel skirt suit, a beautiful layered black taffeta Lilith coat,  a Dolce & Gabbbana black jacket (styled like Chanel), and a Gustto leather and patent quilted bag!  It’s time to share the wealth!

Sometimes I forget that I live and work in the real world.  At the end of the day, I did get to own these beautiful things for a while.  To see them hanging in my closet was a joy and a privilege, and they did make me feel special.  Now, it’s someone else’s turn!

I did keep one vintage Chanel jacket that I will wear until the end…Thank’s for listening! Brenda