Seven jeans, Elizabeth & James, Bird, Coach, Nicole Miller—

So many wonderful labels and designers out there–and they’re all in every magazine, TV show,and video. If you stop and total up the retail cost of every outfit you see, the price in the real world is almost always between $500.00 and $1000.00!

Flats from J.Crew or Tory Burch are from $200.00 to $300.00; Paige Premium jeans are around $200.00; a moderate Coach leather bag starts at about $300.00—and we haven’t even completed building an outfit! It’s so frightening and overwhelming.

We want to look good and be current–but still be able to stay within our budget…

Let us help you. Come to the Closet Exchange stores here in Needham. Our prices start at 60% to 80% off the retail price! The Coach bag will be about $100.00, the flats about $65.00, and the jeans will be around $54.00! If you’re looking for variety, great quality, and a constantly changing inventory in every size and label–you’re looking for us!

You can be best dressed for less!
Take care. Spring is coming. Yippee! Brenda and Maggie