shape wear.

We can all use a little help now and then. Shape wear is usually the solution when it comes to getting dressed. There Are many different pieces available out there from various manufacturers. The trick is to find the ones that deal with your problem the easiest and quickest. When you buy shape wear size does matter if you are a medium try the medium. These pieces are made to fit your size. Have a muffin top? Then you need a shaper that reaches from your thighs to the bottom of your bra. Also available are high waisted panties and pantyhose that smooth that muffin top. They make panties that lift your backside or rounded it out. A minimizer bra can reduce your bust size by 1 inch. These things are all worth trying to create a smoother silhouette, but you have to experiment.
Some labels that work: Nancy Ganz, Spanx ,Barely There, Miraclesuit, and Hanes.