Shop all three stores—it’s all good!

2014-11-05 14.57.59We have three stores because we ran out of room. As we grew and added more and more consignors, we also added more and more 2014-11-05 15.37.11inventory. Our shoppers like a wide range of brands and there are hundreds of them!  So to serve your needs, we grew.

Once you go through all three stores, it will make sense to you. The store at 931 Great Plain Ave. is brands from Gap and Forever 21 to Nordstrom’s.  The 906 store is Nordstrom’s to Chanel.  There are a lot of crossover labels like Brooks Bros. and J. Crew–they can be found in both stores.  Sometimes it depends on how much we have from various labels and we have to find a way to make them all fit. You can find things that start around $15.00 to $20.00 in both stores.  Don’t let the brands scare you.  Everything is about one third of the original price—which makes for wonderful bargains.  You can upgrade your wardrobe with no guilt!

Our third store at 925 Great Plain Ave. is our Last Chance–Clearance store!  Items from both stores come here for one last hurrah!  You never know what will be here, but there are always great buys!

Our staff is informed, interested and wonderfully capable.  These beauties can help you put together an outfit, solve a clothing crisis, or at the very least , have fun….

We care. Let us show you.