Shop consignment for gifts!

We are in the business of style and fashion! It’s what we know–and we do it well.  We can help you find fabulous gifts for this season of giving–without stress on you or your wallet.

Have you been to the mall?  I have.  All I saw was picked over sale items, messy racks and floors, and weary and uninterested sales staff.

Our prices start at their sale prices!  Our stores are staffed by the most wonderful people, and they love to help you if you need it.  They know our inventory.  We add 200 to 300 new pieces every day between our three stores! The best part of consignment is that everything was already chosen because it was special–and the variety is so varied in price and style!!

Come to see us–park once (it’s free for the month of December), and visit all three stores.  You will have a wonderful time–no stress, no pressure-just tons of fabulous things from shoes to purses to jewelry to clothing!

We’re very different from the rest. Just come and see us once and you”ll never go to the mall again.

Take care. Enjoy this special season.  Brenda and Maggie