Snap out of it!!!

We’ve eaten everything in sight for a couple of months and now we regret it, but still don’t have the will power to stop…winter is hard.  I know that most of my clothes won’t fit  the way I like, but I do still have to dress.  So, I poke through my closet and pick the things that usually work.  We all have a few fallback outfits.  Mine is leggings or tights with tall boots–the bottom is the easy part.  I find a couple of sweaters, of course black, that are loose fitting. This hides my waist and tummy as it skims to my hips.  This always works,  Platform or wedge boots add height to stretch us out even more.

Think of yourself as a column of black–lithe and elegant,  or maybe French!  Oui!!  All French women seem to be slender, even the round ones.  Is it the accent, or a frame of mind?

Want more illusion or coverage? Top off with a fun fur vest, or  a great swing coat or jacket and you’ll look perfect!  Don’t forget to smile–a grim face adds pounds and years!!2015-11-04 14.44.252016-01-07 10.39.51