Sunglasses-we spent $1.85 billion in one year!!!

Wow!! Hard to believe.  is this because we all want to look like celebrities?  Because sunglasses look cool in selfies? Because we didn’t get enough sleep-didn’t put on eye makeup-just hiding a few wrinkles-or maybe even to protect our eyes?

I think it’s mostly to hide something.  Of course, there is the glamour aspect.  Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and all the Kardashians, and everyone in LA and NYC.  We all want to be glamorous and polished without a lot of work.  Sunglasses are a great solution.  Maybe that’s why sales are so high.  It’s an affordable way to add a little dash of mystery and class.

Then there is the label factor.  Do we really notice if your sunglasses are Gucci or Chanel?  Can we tell if they are fake or real? Does it matter?  I think sales may be huge because we tend to lose our sunglasses…car roofs, store counters, dressing rooms, restaurant tables and of course…sitting on them..

Have a happy day. xo, Brenda