The 4th of July…

Memorial Day has come and gone, and the Fourth of July approaches.  These are important dates for Americans.  We are fortunate to live here and it seems to me that we should be grateful to all those who have served this country.

How hard is it to buy a flag and fly it on our national holidays?  Surely, the least we can do is honor those who have made this life we live possible.  I saw very few flags on Memorial Day.  It saddens me that unless they touch our lives directly, the sacrifices made for us are forgotten in our busy plans for the barbecue or the rush to the Cape.

We are an incredible nation, but we sometimes take this for granted.  We owe a huge debt to those who have served and to those who serve us now.  Say “thank you” if you see someone in uniform, and go buy a flag.  It’s the very least you can do.

Take care. God bless America. Brenda and Maggie