The Closet Exchange is high-end, medium and moderate labels…

Always has been!  We know that most of us wear all brands, and very few require high-end labels every day.  You are practical and creative.  You realize that a designer bag doesn’t require designer shoes—a funky pair of no name sandals could be the perfect compliment!  Those J brand jeans look great with  an Armani or  or an  H&M jacket–just depends on how you put it together!

For almost 13 years, the Closet Exchange has carried labels from Gap to Chanel, sizes 0-24.  We have something for everyone!  The stores are divided because we ran out of room  (adding 300 pieces a day can be challenging)! The division of labels varies with our inventory, so check all three stores!

The problem with strictly high end shops, aside from prices, is that they limit your options to be truly creative!  We have everything–all on one street, and more  merchandise than any other consignment store! Come see us–you won’t be sorry!.. love, Brenda and Maggie2015-07-11 09.33.11
2015-06-10 14.08.41