The difference between consignment and thrift shopping.

The Closet Exchange stores have been voted the best consignment stores in the region! Our shoppers tell us we are the best they have ever seen! We are consignment–not thrift.

Thrift stores take everything and screen very little. This is evidenced by the damaged merchandise, the age of the merchandise, and maybe even the smell. The stuff you find in thrift stores is donated to the store and they generally accept anything that isn’t obviously damaged.

In consignment, people bring merchandise for us to sell for them.  We review everything–more than once.  We do not take dirty clothes,  damaged clothes, or outdated clothes.  We are looking for as close to perfect as possible.  Everything is clean, current and authentic.

The fun part of consignment is that you have one of everything– and everything was chosen by someone who thought it was special. Our shoppers find wonderful bargains and amazing fashions, and the women who owned them make money to upgrade their wardrobe.  It’s a win-win!!  Whether you are a consignor or a shopper,  it’s really in your best interest to be both!  You can’t lose!