The Louis Vuitton bag came in on Tuesday…

Louis_Vuitton_Monogram_Canvas_M51153_HandbagsBeautiful and in perfect condition!  There is something special about these handbags—so desirable and iconic.  Everyone recognizes them.  Everything they make is very expensive—average price about $1500.00 and up!  They NEVER go on sale!  The only way to get one for less than retail is through consignment or on the internet—although buying off the internet can be iffy.

It’s the most requested item on our wish lists.  Funny how a bag made from canvas, vinyl and little bits of leather, all cocoa brown with the mustard logo, has become a symbol of style and good taste around the world–for decades!  I’m told there is almost always a line around the Louis store in Paris!  (Apparently,the busiest stores in the world are Apple and Louis Vuitton—I’m sure there is a message here–just haven’t had time to find it).

Anyway, the beautiful bag came in Tuesday and sold on Wednesday!  Lucky lady!!

The point of this little story is to remind you that we see wonderful stuff everyday  and that we can sell YOUR wonderful stuff, so that you can buy MORE wonderful stuff at our great prices!  Remember…Louis Vuitton never goes on sale–we’re your best bet!  Come see us!

Take care, and thank you for making all this possible.  xoxo, Bren and Maggie