The Strangest Thing Happened


Last night we sat on the front porch.

Snuggled in blankets.  Mom with her hot coffee and big book to read….a thriller by Stephen King.

Winds a whipping and leaves a swirling.

Purple and orange twinkle lights up high on the door.

Ghouls and witches painted black through the glass.

Something is different tonight and it’s tough to tell, but people aren’t people after 5pm.

Evening light is fading and the sidewalks are buzzing.

Laughter and calls to friends from yard to yard.

What is coming down that hill and from behind that wall?

Strangers approaching right up my steps!

Glittering and flashing. Some even in masks!

What strange magic is this?!

Changing people to creatures of every type. You smell the same, but oh, what a fright!

“Trick or Treat”  they yelled from house to house.

“You’re giving THEM candy?!” She has gone mad.

They ran away as creepy as they came,

a strange night indeed.


Written by Maggie, as dictated from Brian the dog.