The winter/spring clothing conundrum…

2014-01-23 11.33.34cae34a19-6f21-437f-9d54-9124b3d5c420-largeor, how weather makes us crazy!

We’re sweltering on the sunny side of the street and chilly on the shady side.  We see guys in shorts and flipflops in February.  We have a primordial fear of the word ” snow” after last winter!

I’m afraid of black ice, so I wear my heavy snow boots in the morning and carry my stylish ones in a bag. I leave home in a down coat and am dying in a cashmere sweater by 3 P.M.  This craziness has to stop!!  Why do we live here-in a climate that is so changeable?  We should so totally all move to San Diego!!  But where’s the challenge in that?  Give up our New England hardiness?  The ever-changing weather—unpredictable and crazy making?

Hence—our “tired of winter–waiting for spring” sale!  Let’s just celebrate our quirkiness and ability to adapt!  Pull on those big boots and wear a soft pink angora tank under that puffy coat!  Paint your nails Caribbean blue and be comforted by the fact that we’re all in this together–and the Closet Exchange has your back!

Don’t worry–be happy!  Love, Brenda  and Maggie