Tips on how to layer!

The layered look is very current (hopefully, here to stay)–and a subtle way to hide any little bumps and lumps–Yippee! Remember, we want layers for interest and variety, but not bulk. Start with narrow pants, leggings or tights. Next easiest piece is a sleeveless tunic, length should be from mid thigh to just above knee. Then add a shorter jacket or sweater. Try a couple of interesting accessories–a long scarf, looped or statement jewelry, maybe a loose belt. Ta-dah! Not only are you feeling stylish, but it’s comfortable and flattering!

Need help? We have lots of pieces that can help you achieve all the current looks. Great starts are Eileen Fisher, Vince, Nanette Lepore, TSE, INC., and DKNY. Come and see us!

Play in your closet-think outside the box. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is!

Take care. Celebrate life. Brenda and Maggie