Vertically Challenged….Thats Me

It ain’t easy being 17 inches tall!  Daily life is a challenge when most things rest far above you.  Sure I have a great sense of smell, but sometimes I like to see what I’m smelling too.  Since we moved into our new home and have finished adjusting, I can say that there is one glaring problem with this place……I can’t see out of a single window!!!  Every single window in this place is so high up there that even if I sit on the very back of the sofa I can only see the very tops of trees and a bit of sky.

My Mom, Maggie, decided to resolve the problem and built me my very own doggy viewing deck!  She added some safety railings, a plush blankie and a mile long carpeted ramp.  I can now see the whole neighborhood and get some fresh air when she opens the window!



The ramp was a very tricky thing to master, but with Mom offering cheese along the whole way I managed.


Written by Maggie, as dictated by Brian the dog.