Via Spiga, Burberry, Calvin Klein winter coats–

While all the stores are trying to get you to buy the last dregs of winter merchandise, our three stores get new winter merchandise every day! Great labels in great shape, not picked over rejects. We will have fresh winter goods all of January–while it really is winter!

Other coats from–Land’s End, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Anne Klein, North Face, Spyder, and Eileen Fisher. We also have lots of pretty winter scarves, great boots (tall and short), and cozy sweaters from Chico’s to Gucci!

There will be more winter–let’s enjoy it–it’s why we live here!

Think skiing, skating, candlelit evenings, glowing fires in the fireplace, comfort food, sparkling snow–and you in your cozy cashmere sweater and gorgeous leather boots, purchased at an amazingly low price and in a green manner (we are recycling), from the Closet Exchange! You are brilliant!

Take care. Enjoy this beautiful season. Brenda and Maggie