We all want to be special–

we want to feel special. One way to do that is to like what we are wearing–to know it makes us pretty, or thinner, or different or current. It’s tricky to be a woman. The choices are vast, but the ones that work for us individually are rare. Watch the lady who tries on 15 pairs of jeans and none of them work–or looks at 6 dresses, but none is really right on her.

We get it at the Closet Exchange. We know that finding what you are looking for can be challenging and daunting. We know our inventory, and we’re happy to help. We never lie. We love to see a woman who finds just what she wanted–even though she may not have known specifically what it was. She always recognizes it when it’s right.

We probably have just what you want—and the fun part is finding it! You can be best dressed for less!
Take care. Be kind to yourself. Brenda and Maggie.