We are a family business…

We are local, in your town, your neighborhood, for 14 years!!  We have provided you with great customer service, and wonderful ever-changing products. We donate to over four women’s charities on a weekly basis.  We donate gift cards and purchase ads to any church, temple, school or organization that asks us.  We are here seven days a week.  We know you and you know us. We care about you.  We are invested in Needham!!

We are also a part of a dying breed.  We need your support to survive.  “Shop Local” is not just a phrase–it makes sense. Shop where you live! Help your downtown to thrive!  Give us a chance to take care of you!  We can give you what you want or need with a smile, a great price and you didn’t have to leave town!!

Thank you for your support! xoxo, Brenda