We are a group of little boutiques.

“Boutique” does not mean expensive, it just means special–not cookie cutter, not generic.  We choose what we accept.  If it’s Ann TAylor, Zara, Burberry, or Eileen Fisher, it’s a great piece!  One we would buy ourselves!

We have multiple stores because we ran out of room and didn’t want to leave Needham.  We are now four stores and expanding to five!!  If you visit all our stores, you will see that it’s well thought out–it makes sense.  You just have to take the tour—we’ll talk you through it!

This is all good–you don’t have to leave Needham,!  We’re like your own little Bloomie’s with free personal shoppers and always 60% to 80% off retail!   Hundreds of new items daily and a happy and helpful staff!  There’s a reason we keep getting voted “Best in the Region”!!

Tops: St. John, Vince, Rena Lange

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waitingforyou.love,Brenda and Maggie