We are celebrating 12 years in Needham!!


Twelve years of our Closet Exchange!  Do you remember our first store?

It opened on October 1, 2002 at 905 Great Plain Ave.–the corner of Pickering and Great Plain.  The store was little.  I painted the door purple -so you would notice us–squeezed in some hand- painted furniture, lamps and a lot of mirrors and hoped customers would come.  You did!

I loved that little store–so many sweet memories.  At the end of two years, we added the bigger store at 918 Great Plain Ave. (where VO2 is now).  I worked at the big store and my Bob ran the little store—he was a hit 🙂 .

Our first bus tour was scheduled that fall and friends and customers helped me run the stores that day.  About four bus -loads of women from a national store owners organization came to see our two stores—they were in Boston for a convention and the idea of multiple stores was a new one!  It was amazing and so much fun!

There is something so happy and comfortable about a room full of shopping women–the click of hangers, the hum of voices and laughter, the waft of perfume, and the smiles when they find something they like.  I love it.  Shopping with us is not like shopping in the real world.  It’s more like it used to be–when customers were valued and store owners knew your name.

Thank you, thank you for supporting me and my family..for allowing us to be a little part of your lives.  We are a community!

Next-How many times has the Closet Exchange moved?  Love you, Brenda and Maggie