We are donating 10% of all sales today to the “Wounded Warrior Project”.

We have seen the ads about this organization on TV—they can make you weep–these young men and women terribly broken and damaged while in our service.  We can help…you can help. We owe them.

We owe a debt to all our veterans…those who have served and those who serve now.  We would not be the great country we are, if not for them.  You and your children would not be as safe or blessed as you are.  Our fathers and grandfathers made what we have possible.  We should be grateful and in awe of what they did.

PLEASE…put up a flag.  Teach your children honor and respect.  Pay attention.  If you see someone in uniform, shake their hand, thank them, give them a hug.  They do this for you.  Nothing is free—everything you have, everything we are as a country was bought and paid for by these people.

God bless America and our veterans.  Brenda