We have a couple pair of perfect Louboutin flats!

Louboutins- Black $378- Red $472Do you know that Louboutin sells five hundred thousand pairs of shoes a year!!!  The prices range from $350.00 to$6000.00.  Every shoe sole is lacquered in a vivid glossy red paint, signaling glamour and privilege to the world watching you walk away.

His main competitor was Manolo Blahnik ( ala Sex and the City), but the red sole was the kicker for Louboutin.  It made  Blahnik’s shoes look like ladies at a charity lunch, while the red sole implies sex and sass.  Not for the monochromatic fashion people.

The red sole starts to wear off the minute you wear these shoes, so they require a lot of refreshing to keep them pristene.  (Don’t ask me how—life is too short for me to paint the bottoms of my shoes every time I wear them.)  They are a beautiful shoes and it’s always a treat to see them in our stores. Check them out before they’re gone!

By the way, we have  shoes from Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Michael Kors,, Chanel, Tod’s, Tory Burch , and dozens of other brands from from Clark’s to Weitzman!   We get new ones every day!