We have a wonderful son…

Brenda’s closet. Day 104. He doesn’t get mentioned much here because this is kind of a girly, fashion blog–but I’d like you to know a little about him because he is as delightful, talented and awesome as his sister, Maggie (xoxo)—besides, he reads all my blogs (such a good son).

Luke is 41–don’t know how this is possible, because that is my age! He’s married to a lovely, talented lady, Sara, and they have a wonderful son, Ford (another mystery, how can I be a gramma?).  They live in Arlington, so we can see them often.

Luke was one of those really smart kids who didn’t enjoy school–too boring.  He was funny and charming.  He lost things a lot–a bike ( maybe two), his violin (it remained a mystery), and even the cowboy boots he went to school in–came home in socks!!  He loved Star Wars, Leggos, and Abba.  Funny kid.  He wandered off into the teen years as all kids do (don’t worry, they survive and so do you)—searching, growing and learning.

He found music, and to this day, I am constantly amazed and impressed by his talent!  His first love is his job–he’s a computer guy and incredibly good at it–but his passion  (aside from his family) is his music.  He can sing, he can play any instrument, and he composes beautiful pieces.  He has written soundtracks for indy movies and shares his music on his website.

As with all children, there were challenging times…and to this day, he still offers a general apology with a sheepish grin for “whatever”.  What kids don’t know, is that you love them unconditionally.  They feel bad about missteps and goof-ups, but as parents, we only remember the good things.  We are lucky to have such wonderful, delightful kids.  We are blessed.  Now you know about both kids.  Someday, I’ll tell you about my Bob…

What can I say…I’m a proud mom.  I’ll bet you are too.  xo, Bren