We have Halloween costumes–

Still trying to put together a costume? We have lots of possibilities–vintage sparkle dresses (think Dynasty), a harem girl, early Cher ( all you need is a fake fur vest to be Sonny), Juliet (sans Romeo), Mrs. Brady, Olive Oyl, Liza with a “Z”, a flapper, witches and gypsies–and all the ingredients you need–you bring the imagination. Our staff is happy to help–this is fun!

While you’re here, take a look at all the wonderful fall and winter goodies–great coats and jackets, boots of all size and shape, cozy sweaters, one of a kind jewelry, fur coats and hats, leather jackets at all three stores, two racks of Chico’s, and two overflowing racks of Eileen Fisher and more and more. Why go to the mall when you can find such fabulous stuff right here in Needham?

You won’t believe the variety or the prices. Hundreds of new items daily-really! We love what we do and we’re good at it!

Happy Halloween–watch out for the little ghouls. Brenda and Maggie