We love music…

Brenda’s closet. Day 105.  It’s a genetic thing with the Stark’s.  We need it–to lift us up–to make us happy–to mark a place in time.  You know how when you hear the song “Dawn”, or “Saturday Night Fever” or Adele’s “Someone Like You”, it takes you to a specific moment or event in your life?  Are you smiling?

We play music in our stores to set a tone.  Sometimes we miss the mark, but it’s hard to cater to hundreds of women. Generally, we do pretty well–we see tapping feet and shoppers humming.  Peace reigns.

Bob was a drummer, musician and composer, I was a singer and a voice major, Maggie has been a secret singer for years, and our son is a musician and composer. There isn’t a day in our lives when there isn’t music!

Mag would march under the dining room table when she was three singing Neil Diamond’s “Coming to America”.  Luke made a dance floor in his room out of books to be Tony from “Saturday Night Fever”.  Company for dinner meant staying at the table and singing to every record Bob played, or guitar sessions.  Good stuff.

I used to sing duets with my dad in church when I was six or seven.  Bob’s mom taught voice at the Met and played organ at Radio City Music Hall. My mom couldn’t sing, but every now and then I would hear her whistle along with something on the radio.  Once in a while I catch myself whistling… just a few notes.  Bob says it’s just what was missing  (haha), but I think it’s my mom popping in for a moment…

Music…good for you… heart and soul. Love, Bren