Wear all one color for big impact!

Sorry I’ve been away—but I’m back now and my brain is so full!  Fall is the best time of year for feeling fresh and excited about style and clothes….

I did all white blouses on the displays in the stores and it looked so pretty…you forget how dramatic a white blouse can be, but a room full of them is really something!!  We sold all of them!

While in my white mode, I thought of a customer who wears only white and shades of cream.  She’s a gorgeous blond with a sparkling smile…she looks so awesome in her whites!  Wearing all one color-head to toe-can be incredibly striking!

The secret is to mix variations of the color you choose.  Best initial choices are white, camel, brown, black, or gray–all neutrals. So if you choose white–mix in off -white, pure white, creamy white, and beige.  It makes you look taller and slimmer—it’s a very rich look!  Do the same with the other colors.   The variety of tones gives interest and texture.

All black can be just as striking, but may need a bright pop of color like a scarf or shiny silver jewelry—we’re not aiming for goth—we want New York!

It’s a beautiful classic look, and yet always new!  Give it a try—it may be a new favorite.  Heaven knows,it’s easier than trying to mix prints and stripes!

Have a good day.  Watch the trees…it’s starting… xo, Bren