Wearing my mom’s leather jacket today…

Make’s me smile.  My mom was always fashionable.  She kept up with styles and trends, but always making it her own.  She was beautiful, sweet and funny.  She and my dad entering a room would make you pause—such a handsome couple!

This jacket has been to Michigan, Dallas, Sante Fe, Amsterdam and London (twice-once with Mom and once with me).  It was her favorite and she looked great in it.  Now it is mine, and I think of her every time I wear it.  She wrote her name inside on the label- “S. Dykstra”-so it didn’t get misplaced in a restaurant or at church.

It makes me smile to see writing in her hand and to see my maiden name.  I think I treasure her handwriting as much as the jacket.  Small things…they matter.

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