What about tattoos–are they art?

It used to be that men in the army or navy had tattoos.  My grandpa had one.  So did Popeye.

I’m not sure when it all changed.  I was pretty oblivious to it. (I’ m kind of a Pollyanna about some things, even though I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s.)  I’m sure a lot of women my age got their little butterfly or heart tat then.  I do see them when the warm weather comes and skin is showing–I also see an occasional tattoo anklet.  I became more aware of them when my kids wanted them, and they assured me that everyone had at least one.

That was the time that they really became large and visible.  No longer hidden…skin is the canvas for this elaborate art form, and men and women both embrace it. I think that now, the unadorned are the minority.  I understand them as art—and some are quite beautiful, but there are some fashion things to consider…

What if they don’t go with your clothes? Do they go with mini-floral prints? If they’re in color, do you dress to match or enhance the tattoo, or do you cover it up if you’re clashing?  If there are words, do you mind if people read you?  Are they a private statement, or a statement to the world?  Or are they just portable art?  How do you know if the artist is good? Does it hurt?–looks like it might.

Do your parents know?  What will it look like when you are old and sagging? Do you think about that, or does it even matter?  Does it remain a statement and a memory of a certain person, place or time?  If that’s the case, then I guess you’ll never lose that memory…and maybe that makes it true and important.   Just wondering…

I am a chicken.  If I got one, it would be a dot.  Period. xo, Bren