What about that 10 lbs…arrgh!

Brenda’s closet. Day 100.

Yep–cleaned out the closet and now I really need to lose that 10 pounds so that I can wear what I kept.  How is it that I keep having that same problem for years?  Every morning when I get dressed, I have to consider the dreaded waistline issue!

I have the same talk with myself as I pant out to the car and the waiting husband–panting from the extra effort of re-dressing myself three times in various combinations of pants, belts and tops, in search of something that will fit around my waist (I use the term only to define the area of a waist, not the reality). My genetics seem to make it impossible for me to actually have a defined waist.  In my family, we all have no butt, no hips, but at the same time, no defined waist.

It’s hard when your waist is bigger than your hips.  Number one–your pants do not stay up. Hence the two belt solution.  One to hold up the pants, and another for the world to see as a fashion accessory!  Number two-there are no clothes made to fit that body type.  All manufacturers assume that a woman, by definition, has a waist at least a little smaller than her hips.  Not me!  You can put a rubberband through the buttonhole on the waist tab and hook it around the button (really), but most people only resort to this during pregnancy.

So–I have the grumpy talk with myself as I struggle to dress…”sew your lips shut, use the treadmill collecting dust, stop eating junk, etc”.  I could save myself a lot of crabby mornings if only I could control my mouth…but I am married to a very sweet enabler who thinks a pecan pie says “I love you”…. and you know what ?  It does…

Don’t be too hard on yourself.  It’s ok.  xoxo, Bren