What about white pants?

Brenda’s closet.  Day 119.  Love ’em–hate ’em. It’s a wonderful look for summer–so fresh and light, but there are some problems with them.

They are often too sheer–only when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection in a restaurant window, do you realize you can see your undies through the fabric, and so can everyone else.  This is especially attractive if you’re wearing a neon color or granny panties!  Also, the stupid pockets show through and look like patches on your hips!

White pants are a challenge to keep clean–it only takes a second for that little dot of lip-gloss or drop of coffee to ruin the pristine look.  It’s okay–you get over it—you can always pretend it just happened!  White also makes you look bigger, so check it out in the mirror, front and back.  You do not want your top to create a line across your hips–you’ll look much wider.  It just draws the eye to that point of your body.  You might want to consider a longer top in a darker color if you are wider there.

A couple more things–no one wears white here, so you will stand out!  Fit is important–if white pants are too baggy or unstructured, you’ll look like you just left work at the doctor’s office…not really  the fashion statement you’re going for.

But all in all, white pants look like summer, feel like summer.  They’re very pretty and a great contrast to every top you own!  They lift all the other colors and totally change the look!  It takes confidence to wear white–live dangerously!  Give it a try–it’s really a great look!

Be careful of white shoes– can look like a grandma–any other color is fine. Happy day, Bren