What did Madonna wear?

I’ve already made reference to Madonna a couple of times (not in a good way ). I’m puzzled by her.

Being of a certain age myself (okay, over 50 is all I’ll say), it seems to me that I don’t want to see my kids walk two blocks ahead of me so people don’t think we’re related.  I don’t want to see tweets poking fun at my aging knees revealed by a miniskirt.  There’s a way to stay relevant without making a fool of yourself.  Don’t try to compete with the young beauties—you had your turn, now it’s theirs.

I think a woman over 50 in torn fishnet stockings  and garterbelt (not just once, but twice) looks desperate, not iconic!  Madonna is very talented and in great shape, but I’m waiting for her to reinvent herself again into something that all of us want to emulate, or at least admire.  Maybe instead of trying to compete with Lady Gaga, Beyonce’ or Rihanna, she could lead the way to something even more remarkable…something more worthy of her talent and longevity.  Something that will give the rest of us hope and an ideal!

It’s not about being age appropriate—it’s about finally figuring out who you are and keeping it fresh—so that the young beauties will want to copy you when the time comes.

And then there’s Cher—stuck in Cleopatra land, but I love her anyway.  xoxo, Bren