What if nothing fits?

I hear this sad phrase from so many of our customers–I even say it myself.  What we need to do is ignore the size on the labels and tags.  Manufacturers are playing games with us–it’s mean and frustrating.

We need to be honest with ourselves and realize that there are days that some things just don’t look as good on us as we hoped.  It’s OK.  It could be better on a different day, with a different mood, or different shoes, or even different underwear–!  Be smart–don’t try to wear the blouse tucked in today-wear the tunic with a wonderful pair of earrings.  You’ll feel more comfortable , won’t be thinking about the muffin- top,  and all others will see is the bright smile,  the confidence, and the fabulous earrings that brighten your face!

Stand up straight, wear a heel–practice a smile before getting out of the car–I know it sounds silly–but it makes a difference!  We are WOMEN!!!  Hear us roar,  see us run the world, control the chaos around us, and care for our families and loved ones.  We are wonderful and amazing creatures.  We are blessed.

Smile at the woman in the car next to you at the stoplight–it could change her day!

Take care, Brenda