What the makeover winner got today!

Our lady met with our favorite hair guy-Franco- and he persuaded her to add a little warmth to her hair color–just some gold highlights, and gave her long layers for softness around her face.  She looks ten years younger– brighter, and fresher! Very pretty…and she loved it!

On to new clothes and lessons in how to better dress her body type and personality! I had picked out clothes from all three stores in colors and styles that I thought would flatter her.  She was game…so she started trying on things and little by little we narrowed it down to the perfect pieces and colors.

She’s gorgeous in jewel tones, especially blues and fuscia…new for her! She settled on a couple of jackets, a coat, a couple of dresses, pants, some tops and more!  We added her first pair of skinny jeans! We showed her how tunics really worked on her shape, and showed her more options as to how the new pieces would work with her current wardrobe.

She was surprised and happy with the new things and pleased with her fresh and more current look!  She did look fabulous!  We had a lot of fun…a lot of laughing and posing!

Tomorrow night is makeup and pictures!  We’ll share them with you in a day or  two.  Makeovers are so much fun to do—and they can really change how you see yourself!  We are all beauties….we just need someone to remind us of that sometimes!

Take care. Be kind. Bren