What to wear to an evening event on a work day?

We see women every week who come in in a panic–eyes wide, stress and fear in their voices—“I have to go to a thing!”.  “When?” we ask–and often the answer is” tomorrow”!

This happens to all of us–it just happened to me–two events in one week—and I don’t own a dress or a suit.  I own work clothes, like most of you.

First—breathe.  Then think about the event.  If it’s at the end of your workday,  it will be the same for most everyone there.  Guys will show up in suits (so easy), and you’ll be in work clothes.  If you love dresses, just re-accessorize the one you wore to work.  Pre-think the night before.  A simple dress in a great color is easy–just add a jacket, great costume jewelry and a higher heel and you’ll be perfect!

I’m not a dress lady, so, for me, the answer is a knit pencil skirt (the one I wore to work) with dark tights and heels or dress boots.  Pants are a good altenative too. Do a heel. Change your work top to a dressier or more polished top, a gorgeous jacket, or a handsome sweater or blouse.  Accessories are the key!  Bigger earrings, a statement necklace and /or an amazing pin, or a few bangles and a big ring—never all at once–and you’re great!

Fluff the hair, eye makeup and lipstick–you’ll look fabulous!  Don’t forget to smile!