What’s in your closet?

If you are like us…lots of black, gray, and brown stuff. Yes, we live in Boston and we are afraid of color.  Why? Probably for a lot of reasons: black and gray are practical;  you can get dressed in the dark or while you are still asleep and it will look okay; everything matches ; and it requires very little thought.  Sometimes we just want to be wallpaper–you know–fade into the background. Sometimes it’s just too much work.

But…this is not really who we are.  We are fabulous, funny, feminine, and funky!  Let it out!  We like to look great. We want to express ourselves, but sometimes we need a push.  How we dress says so much about us…let’s start to speak!  Send a message!  Try a pink scarf, or a lavender sweater, or a really cool pair of earrings!

Spring is coming, life is good…send a message.

Take care. We care. Brenda and Maggie