Why I shop at the Closet EXchange!

I sell my things here and I buy things here!  I love having store credit!  I like that I love the clothes that I buy here–awesome things!!

It’s wonderful to find something perfect for me and I didn’t have to go to the mall and try on dozens of things and hope I find something. If there’s nothing today, the odds are pretty good that it will  happen tomorrow…after all, we add hundreds of things everyday!

I don’t get first pick because we put out so much stuff daily, that it can take me a couple of days to see it all!  And then there’s the moment when a customer brings up something absolutely wonderful and in my breaking heart, I’m thinking “I LOVE this”, but I missed it and she found it.  That’s what it’s all about.

If you’re smart enough to join the hunt–you deserve to win!  (Besides, maybe she’ll consign it one day and I”ll have another chance!)

Be kind. Brenda