Why shop our winter sale? Let me tell you…

Because, as always, we have fabulous stuff!  Our sale isn’t about picked over things.  You know we add new items everyday all year—so nothing stays long enough to be shop worn or out of date!

Winter sales give you a chance to buy beautiful things that you can wear now (have you heard the weather report?), and again next fall, at a fraction of the original cost!  You cannot do better anywhere!

Consignment and resale shopping is for the smart, discerning, and informed woman.  You know what you like—you recognize quality and you know it’s value.  We enable you to upgrade your wardrobe big time!! 🙂 You can buy items and brands you thought were out of your price range—guilt free! It doesn’t get better than this….

I shop every day in our stores–so does our staff! We shop here because what we see here is so much better than anything out there.   We are tempted daily–and we usually give in.  Why don’t you come in and let us show you how much fun it is to shop where the prices are great and the options are endless.

Please help me–there is another gorgeous winter coat I don’t need calling my name—maybe it could be yours!

Take care, don’t give up.  xoxo, Bren