Winter blahs? We can help!

A quote from “Steel Magnolias”–“the only thing that separates us from the animals is the ability to accessorize”.  This could be true.

At any rate, accessories are the things that help us transition from the quiet of deep winter to the optimism of coming spring.  We know it will come, but how to make the cold weather clothing we still need look and feel more hopeful.

Go to brighter shades of cashmere, or pastels.  Try more colorful scarves–wear a little color with the black coats we all wear.  You might even start to think about wearing a silk flower–maybe for Valentines day.  Bright gloves are a happy thing too!

We have lots of beautiful and affordable accessories in all three stores.  Our selection of jewelry is always changing, and we add new purses daily!  Stop by and see us–we have three stores loaded with goodies–and we’re happy to help you.  We love what we do.

Take care.  Behold simple beauty.  Brenda and Maggie