You can buy Burberry on an Ann Taylor budget!!

You can buy Armani on a Chico’s budget, and J.Crew on an Old Navy budget!!  Yes, you can.  Just shop at the three Closet Exchange stores.  Our merchandise is perfect, often still with tags!  We review every piece to make sure that it’s something you’ll love!    The nice thing about consignment is that someone already loved an item enough to purchase it at full price!   It’s pre-picked—so there are no damaged goods or tired bargain basement items. 

Also, something to consider–do you think that the clothes you try on at retail stores haven’t been tried on by dozens of other women?  Everything here is cleaned or laundered before being accepted.  We are fussy.

Prices are 60% to 80% off the retail price–we addd 100 to 150 new pieces every day!!  You won’t find that anywhere else!  It’s worth a visit–3 stores open 7 days a week.  You can be best dressed for less.

Take care.  We care.  Brenda and Maggie